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Software Engineer, Physics/Meteorology

Weather Applied Metrics aims to be the leading provider of weather-related analytics in the sports industry. Our mission is to help teams, athletes, broadcasters, journalists, gamers and ordinary fans understand and leverage the weather's impact on sports. We are a startup company whose analysis appears regularly on the local broadcasts of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs. We will add more teams soon, while also expanding into other weather-affected sports, such as football and golf.

Job Description

Our patent-pending software technology involves computational fluid dynamics and projectile trajectory calculations. Our current software is written mostly in C and Perl, but long term we are migrating our code to Python, with the data stored in MySQL. In this job, you will be responsible for much of that migration, with the latitude to put your own creative stamp on how that is implemented. You will help improve the efficiency of our algorithms, and help our platform scale up as we grow.

You can read more about our technology at

We are seeking a software engineer who has enough understanding of meteorology, physics, and/or mathematics to be able to manipulate the calculations used in our software. Alternatively, we are seeking a meteorologist, physicist, or mathematician who has enough programming skills to be able to translate the science into software code.

You probably have some sort of math, science or engineering degree, or are close to finishing one. Exactly which kind is not too important to us, as long as you can bring some combination of science and programming. Experience with Python and MySQL is preferred, but similar skills are OK. Being a sports fan is helpful, but it is not required. We are mostly located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but remote work is perfectly fine. People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and/or LinkedIn page to our VP of Engineering, Ken Arneson. Email: